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Umoya WoMzansi

Umoya WoMzansi (Spirit of the South). In 1997 Alfred Hinkel, director of Jazzart  Dance Theatre was commissioned by PGSI Group  to create a work for their centenary celebrations. The work needed tot reflect the diversity of the new democratic South Africa.  Alfred Hinkel then turned to his most favoured composer and said "I want you to build a piece of music that repeats and builds kind of like Ravel's Bolero. Lets source the melodies from two opposing struggle songs from the South Africa's past. Die Lied van Jong Suid Africa (The song of young South Africa) from the Afrikaans youth, and Senzenina (What we have Done) from the African National Congress Youth." ThusUmoya WoMzansi was born

Umoya WoMzansi was performed in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. and won the 1997/8 FNB Vita Award for Best Choreography

Umoya WoMzansi
Umoya WoMzansi