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© Rene Avenant 2019

In A Garage Off Eden From 1974 and 1977 I was the guitarist in most of  the garage bands in Claremont, which boasted street names such as Paradise, Bishopscourt, and Eden.  Most of these bands never graduated out of the garage, usually they were stumped by their lack of ability to invent a catchy name for the band.


During this time I was teaching and working with my cousin John Mair.  In a short space of time we had become teenaged guitar legends around Cape Town, playing at school dances and local festivals, usually in makeshift bands that John had thrown together just days before.

Sadly no recordings were made of these one of a kind events. John and I followed different paths after we left school. John was killed in a car accident in 2002. Here is a clip of John performing in Cape Town in the 90s