Musician Composer
Teacher Producer
Guitar · Bass · Synth

I offer courses in the following aspects of producing sound and music:

  1. Rudimentary music and sound theory
  2. Digital Audio Workstations
  3. Working with MIDI
  4. Beats, Drum tracks
  5. Creating Backing tracks
  6. Instrumental arrangements
  7. Sound Engineering
  8. Recording and Production
  9. Setting up a home Studio.
  10. Advanced music theory
  11. Composing and Song writing

Lessons are one-on-one  at my home studio at R180 per hour.I also offer a 5 week intermediate producer course for R850 as well as a 10 week advanced producers course for R1600. I am available by appointment  12pm to 9pm daily. I also offer remote lessons via video chat programs such as Skype

I recommend

Reaper  - the most unbelievable desktop audio workstation for only $60

Audacity - the best free open source sound editor about.