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Music Production

Music Production is a range of course modules which brings together; Sound Production, Songwriting, Voice Production, Music Composition and Music Theory.

The idea is that you can select the combination of modules that is most suited to your needs.

Lessons are individual at my studio once a week for 1 hour plus 4 to 5 hours homework. 

Lessons cost R180 each, or R650 a month or R1800 a term (quarter). 

I am available by appointment from 12pm - 8pm Mondays to Fridays.

Sound Production Modules

  • Sound Theory – Waves Propagation, Frequency, Amplitude
  • Psychoacoustics, What we hear – Loudness, Pitch, Timber, Distance, Motion
  • Studio Equipment – Computer, Soundcard, Microphones, Cables, Mixers, Monitors, Speakers
  • DAW (Reaper) - Basic Editing, Items, Tracks, Busses, Mixer, Plugins, Project Management,
  • MIDI – Channels, Note Time Length Pitch and Velocity, Patches Banks, System Exclusive
  • Recording Level, samples Headroom, Syncing, Takes, Comping, Mic Techniques
  • Effects - Dynamic, Delay, Reverb, Filters EQ, Quantization, Pitch Correction
  • Mixing & Mastering

Songwriting Module

  • Finding an Idea - News Article, Book or Film Title, Overheard
  • Perspective - Who is talking, To whom, When
  • Song Development – Stages, Gaining momentum, Conclusion
  • Questions - Who What, When, Where, How, Why
  • Song Structure – Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Refrain
  • Rhythmical Elements - , Line Length , Rhyme Type and Scheme
  • Focus - Metaphors, Contrast, Balance, Highlight
  • Movement – Stresses, Tension, Cadence,
  • The Human Voice – Range, Register
  • Singing – Breath, Posture, Pitching, Ear Training, Attitude

I recommend

Reaper  - the most unbelievable desktop audio workstation for only $60

Audacity - the best free open source sound editor about.