Musician Composer
Teacher Producer
Guitar · Bass · Synth

I teach guitar and bass to all ages, at all levels of proficiency, in all musical genres.

Whilst I do follow a syllabus, outlined below, my students' passion for what they are playing is of ultimate importance to me, and lessons are structured around  songs and techniques the student wants to learn.

Beginners start with basic chords, strumming and simple finger-picking.

Intermediate students learn bar chords, reading tablature, basic music theory, pentatonic and natural major scales, plectrum techniques, right hand legato techniques and note bending.

Advanced students learn in-depth music theory, all scales applicable to style, reading tablature and standard notation, chord construction, composition and advanced improvisation technique.

Individual lessons are a half hour weekly at  R100 each, or R350 a month or R850 a term (or quarter). I am available by appointment from 12pm-9pm Mondays to Fridaysy. I also offer remote lessons via video chat programs such as Skype 


Recommended Resources

  • Tuxguitar is good open source tablature editor and player
  • Ultimate Guitar - A comprehensive library of guitar tabs from all genres
  • - A comprehensive Library of Tabs from South African artists
  • Amazing Slow Downer - A music player the allows you to change pitch and tempo independently.
  • Justin Guitar - Arguably one of the best resources for online guitar lessons with Justin Sandercoe