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Guitar Lessons

I teach guitar to all ages, at all levels of proficiency, in all musical genres. Whilst I do follow a syllabus, outlined below, my students' passion for what they are playing is of ultimate importance to me. Lessons are structured around songs and techniques my students wants to learn.

Individual Lessons are a half hour weekly at  R100 each, or R350 a month or R900 a term (or quarter). I am available by appointment from 12pm - 8pm Mondays to Fridays.

Guitar Technique Outline (or click on the image)

Music Theory Outline

 Guitar Beginner 

  • Naming things, parts of the guitar and music notes
  • The string names and notes on fretboard
  • Open chords, Major Minor and 7th
  • Strumming economically and keeping an even rhythm
  • Reading a song sheet with chord symbols
  • A consistent practice regime
  • Simple finger picking technique
  • Tuning the guitar and using a Capo
  • Reading simple Guitar Tablature
  • Pentatonic and Major Scales

          Guitar Intermediate 

          • Advances strumming and picking techniques and using a plectrum
          • Fretboard technique: Slide, Bend, Vibrato Hammer on Pull off, Mute, Harmonics
          • Tablature – chords, arpeggios fretboard effects, time signature, repeats and coda
          • Barre Chords rooted on the E string and the A string
          • Chords Major, minor, dominant, suspended, augmented diminished
          • Scale & modes in two octaves - Pentatonic, Blues, Major and Natural Minor
          • Blues and Popular chord progressions
          • Basic Improvisation Techniques

          Guitar Advanced Module

          • Chord Construction
          • Interpreting a lead sheet
          • Advanced Scales - Harmonic and Jazz Minor, Whole tone, Diminished, Exotic
          • Jazz and Cyclic Chord Progressions
          • Chord Substitution - Secondary Dominant, ii V I, Tritone, Modal Interchange
          • Modulation and Cycles - Pivot Chords, Relative Minors, Tritone
          • Using the whole fretboard, Vertical boxes, 3 note per string, Frying Pan, CAGED
          • Advanced Improvisation Techniques - Arpeggio, scale fragments, double stops, modes
          • Reading Standard Notation

          Free Lesson Notes

          Recommended Resources

          • Tuxguitar is good open source tablature editor and player
          • Ultimate Guitar - A comprehensive library of guitar tabs from all genres
          • - A comprehensive Library of Tabs from South African artists
          • Amazing Slow Downer - A music player the allows you to change pitch and tempo independently.
          • Justin Guitar - Arguably one of the best resources for online guitar lessons with Justin Sandercoe