Musician Composer
Teacher Producer
Guitar · Bass · Synth

2015 - Present Performing Blues, Jazz, Rock  covers and originals as a solo artist - Renesongs

2013 - Present  Studying music on-line and have received the following accreditation

Berklee Colledge of Music - Modern Musician Capstone - 98.2%

Berklee College of Music - Developing Your Musicianship – 100.0%

Berklee College of Music - Introduction to Music Production - 98.5%

Berklee College of Music - Songwriting - 97.5%

The University of Edinburgh - Fundamentals of Music Theory - 92.5%

Georgia Institute of Technology - Survey of Music Technology - 100.0%

2010 - 2015 Formed The Hellfire Blues Club, a blues rock quartet with Jason Coetzee, Dougie Elliott and Alan Millar

2009 Joined The HiTones ,a blue eyed soul band with Tony Shine, Stewart Reid, and Peter Krainhofner

2008 Formed Airwave,classic rock duet with Nisha Peires

2007 Joined Tall Order,classic rock sextet with Colin Plit, Dave Meagan, Andy Shier, Sedley Barr and Trevor Perrins

2006 Formed Shock, a classic rock quartet. Did session with Vertigo and Pink Cadillac

2005 Studied and received a certificate in Sound Production at Cape Audio College

2003  Produced and published First Movements, an album of contemporary, classical, Orchestra works.

2002  Produced and published Not Quite West, an album of contemporary, world ,rock and jazz works.

2000 – 2010 Dedicated myself to learning Piano and Fret-less Bass

1999 Commissioned by Jazzart Dance theatre to compose arrange and produce music Light beyond the door

1998 Commissioned by Jazzart to compose arrange and produce music for Duck n Dance. Published the album Duck n Dance

1997 Commissioned by Jazzart  to compose and produce music for Umoya Womzanzi  Published  the album Jazzart Junction

1997 Commissioned by Jazzart  to compose arrange and produce music for Jazzart's 40th Celebration production Four 4.


1996 Commissioned by Jazzart Dance theatre to compose and produce music for Junction which won a Vita Award for the most outstanding choreography (Alfred Hinkel).  

1995 Composed, produced and marketed an album of children’s music titled The Fairies' Music Box

1994 Commissioned by the Foundation for the Creative Arts as composer for a musical adaptation of N P Van Wyk Louw's story "Raka"

1994 Composed and arranged the music and soundtrack to the Magnet Theatre production of Medea, which was performed at the Nico Malan Arena, won a Vita Award for the best South African production.

1993 Commissioned by CAPAB – Jazzart to compose and record music for the production of Off Long Street which was performed at Jazzart Dance Theater

1993 Commissioned by NAPAC to compose and arrange music for children’s dance education program, which was performed at various venues including the Nico Malan Arena.

1992 Commissioned by the Foundation for the Creative Arts to compose and record the music and soundtrack to "Unclenching the Fist" which was performed by Jazzart at various public venues including The Grahamstown festival.

1992 Composed and recorded music for the Jazzart Dance Theater's Student concert which was performed at the Jazzart Dance Theater.

1989 - 1991 Explored composing and arranging music using a computer linked to digital music synthesizers. Composed and arranged songs for vocalists which were performed publicly.

1985 Studied Jazz guitar at Jazz Workshop.

1979 - 1980 Performed with a New Wave/Punk band called Fred Smith with Tolis Fasois  Simon Walker, Mark Van Niekerk and Jan Van Vuuren  We olayed at various New Wave clubs around Cape Town.

1975-1977 Performed publicly together with John Mair in a variety of Blues Rock bands. Began teaching myself Classical and contemporary music theory. Gave private tuition in Rock guitar technique and rudimentary music theory.

1970 - 1974 Taught myself to play guitar , inspired by guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winters, David Gilmour Carlos Santana, B B King, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Lightnin' Hopkins, and many others.