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Dueling Axes

Posted by Rene Avenant on April 30, 2017 at 3:30 PM

As you can see my weapon of choice is a Fender Stratocaster (I have two of them in my arsenal). From the bottom is first born, a 1988 Made in Japan '62 reissue with Graphtech Saddles Nut and Tree. On top is my second born, a 2010 Made in Mexico '64 reissue? with Texas Special PUPS (I've pushed the poles level to kill the excessive brightness)

I have rewired both guitars to have a master tone control for all three pickups and have replaced the unused tone pot with a toggle switch to increase my pickup selections from 5 to 7 positions. They both strung with Erni Ball Hybrid Slinky. Diagrams for my wiring mods can be found here

So how do they compare? Being an unusually monogamous guitarist I have tried as far as possible to set them up to match each other as closely as possible. Obviously the ‘88 MIJ is my favourite since she has been with me for nearly on 30 years, however her frets need redressing and her wiring needs constant attention. The 2010 MIM is a good replacement since she is much sturdier only a tad brighter in tone but nearly a kilogram heavier.

I tend to use the MIJ for home and studio and the sturdier MIM for live gigs

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