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Welcome to Renesongs, home page of Rene Avenant, Musician, Composer, Teacher, Sound Producer and one of the performing artists to have survived the plague of 2016, mainly because I am not all that famous or well loved. Although my wife, daughter and two dogs seem to like me well enough.

About contains my Biography outlining how I got here, Credentials explains what I’ve done who I know and what I’ve got on who I know, and Live Shows is my current escape plan out of here.

News & Views is where I blog about everything under the sky including updates to this site, what I’m working on, and lists of my favourite whatever. Anyone can comment and members can even post your own blogs subject to my scrutiny and approval.

Listen Hear is small but varied collection of my tunes. Turn up the volume and enjoy and please let me know what you think in the comments section below

Services is where you find out about the Guitar & Bass Lessons I offer, or the Sound Production course I run, or recording sessions in my Home Studio, all for a nominal service charge of course.

Upcoming Gigs tells you where and when I will be playing next

Membership is where you get to join this happy throng, get updates on what’s going on here and get to pass flattering or flatulent comments as you want.